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The Currency Shop will help you track down the best foreign currency exchange rate closet to you. Simply tell us how much you need and we’ll show you where to find it.

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Questions You May Have

What is The Currency Shop?

The Currency Shop is a free currency comparison service. Every bank and currency exchange will offer you a different exchange rate and fee. Instead of spending hours visiting every website and branch, we make it easy for you to find the best deal and save money. We also have a team of local currency consultants that can help you over the phone.

How Does It Work?

It's easy and only takes a few minutes. Tell us how much currency you need and we'll show you that latest exchange rates and fees from Australia's leading currency companies. Then you can compare your options and find the best deal. Once you find the best deal, you'll need to order your currency online and pick it up from a convenient location near you.

Why Should I Use The Currency Shop?

You can lose up to 8% of your money each time you transfer money internationally, depending on how you do it. The Currency Shop will help you find the best way to exchange currency and avoid the common hidden fees and charges.

Is it Safe?

Yes. The Currency Shop holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (462269) and is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service. We have partnered with the largest, safest and most trusted money transfer companies in the world. For more information, click here

What Does It Cost?

The Currency Shop does not charge you. So how do we make money? We may receive a referral fee from the banks and foreign exchange companies that we are partnered with.